Why I’m going to TBEX Europe 2015 in Costa Brava

In 6 months Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava will be the host city to TBEX Europe and I will be there! I wrote about why a newbie should attend TBEX before, but now I am writing about why I am going for my 2nd TBEX.


It is important to stay connected (in person!)

In 2014 I wasn’t able to attend TBEX in Cancun or in Athens and I wish I could have attended. While the nature of blogging is to be online where, true, you make connections, nothing is more powerful than meeting people in person. Also, the past year was extremely with moving and settling in my new town, that blogging took a “back seat”; now that we are all set and settled, blogging is taking back its rightful place, TBEX really plays an important role in all of this. I really can’t wait to meet my fellow travel bloggers and connect with them in person. I’m also looking forward to meet the industry professionals and hope to be able to bring some of my plans to life.


Did I mention TBEX will be in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava?

Have you seen pictures of anywhere in Costa Brava? It took only a look at some of the scenery in Costa Brava to get me planning a whole week vacation a few years ago. But things changed and we ended up visiting other countries in Europe instead, and Costa Brava became part of future travel plans.

Lloret de Mar (click for source)
Lloret de Mar (click for source)

I have many goals for this trip, one of them is to explore Lloret de Mar and region,ย and validate my old itinerary toย make my plan for a family vacation come true. The only thing to note is: I will go by myself ๐Ÿ™ It will be the first time ever I will travel alone. Ever. Never did this in my life and I must say, while I am happy to be able to go to TBEX, I don’t know how it will be for me as it is just so natural to have my husband and daughter traveling with me. Good thing both of them are encouraging me to go and represent our blog/family ๐Ÿ™‚

The other thing is: have you noticed how awesome are the websites for Costa Brava Tourism and Lloret de Mar? The wealth of information there makes is very easy to plan your itinerary around town and between towns and makes you hope the next 6 months just fly by.

There is a lot of art, culture, history, food, and more to see in Costa Brava and I really want to experience all of that during TBEX.


Are you attending TBEX 2015 in Costa Brava? Have you been there before?ย 

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