Traveler Spotlight: 3 ways to make better memories while traveling

Our “Traveler Spotlight” series continues, this time with Chris Williams, the founder of Real Man Travels.

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This is Chris

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at TBEX last year and as a reader of his blog I found it interesting that he not only travels, but also travels with his 3 beautiful daughters AND is a volunteer firefighter! Cool, eh?

So here are Chris’ 3 ways to make better memories while traveling.


One of the best things I have done is traveled with my girls, the bond we have developed on these vacations has been really strong. We make the most out of everything, and it makes me very proud that I can handle three kids on the road. The memories created will last forever. I have a few tips that might help you. Planning a family vacation can be the most rewarding thing you are going to do this year. It will present its own challenges, but as the family trip guru you will be expected to tackle these challenges with good ideas and family consulting. I have compiled a small list to help you on your planning journeys.Three ways to make better memories while traveling.


1. Say Yes More – I know this goes against your parenting ethics but in order to have a better time out with the kids you should expect to say yes more. Another thing that is handy to carry around in your back pocket is patience, fit as much as you can in that pocket because you will need it. An example was when I went to Disney World with my kids, I had a plan of trying to keep my cool and saying yes as much as possible. The result was a happy bunch of kids and Dad too.

2. Go out of your comfort zone – Now this doesn’t necessarily mean scare you and your family, but more so do something different from your usual plans. Studies have proven that the less comfortable your child is then the likely their memories of the event will last. An example of this would be petting stingrays or swimming in the ocean something cool and fun that will last forever in their memories.

3. Have a plan – Kids like structure and we like happy kids, right?. Plan out things like where you will eat or what time of day you would like to go. Consider things like the weather and travel time. Lets face it you are spending a lot of time and effort on this(and money). So make the best of it, but beware of over doing the planning,  I have been guilty of this many times.


Those are my three tips and I hope they help you.


Safe Travels



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