The best dim sum in Toronto’s Chinatown

I think the best thing about Toronto is the fantastic mix of cultures and the great culinary opportunities we have walking around the city. My husband found¬†what we think is the best dim sum in Toronto: Rol San Restaurant, at Spadina Avenue – in Toronto’s Chinatown!

That's Rol San Restaurant!
That’s Rol San Restaurant!

The whole experience of going there is fantastic: you’re walking in a street that has store and restaurant signs in English and Chinese, with some cool Chinatown-like decor, the CN Tower in the background… it’s an awesome experience.

With a no-frills decor, plastic table cloths on the table and there is always a big line up in the “rush hour” of 11:30am to 2pm on the weekends (in one of our visits we waited for an hour and a half to be seated), you may not be as impressed, but when the food arrives it is a very different story. It is tasty, and you can get really overwhelmed with all the options, so we always have Har Gow and Siu Mai and try to find something different to make the whole experience more richer than it already is.

Egg roll with a huge shrimp inside - deep fried goodness!
Egg roll with a huge shrimp inside – deep fried goodness!
Impossible to have only one basket
Impossible to have only one basket
Our family's favorite
Our family’s favorite

I tried dim sum in other places, but nothing compares to Rol San and we always come back. Even our daughter is a dim sum fan now. If you feel adventurous while in Toronto and never tried dim sum before, I would highly recommend this place!


Additional Info:

* Rol San Restaurant: 323 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

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