Planning for 4 days between Girona and Lloret de Mar

It looks like time is passing by very fast now that TBEX Costa Brava is approaching! After talking about why I’m going to TBEX in Costa Brava, now it’s time to talk about my travel plans. There is so much to see and do in Costa Brava and I have so little time that I’ve decided to explore Girona and Lloret de Mar in the 4 days I’ll have before TBEX starts.

Why only Girona and Lloret de Mar? Simply because I will be back with my family and these two places were always in my plans as a base to explore the region! Also, I really want to have a good glimpse of what these two TBEX hosts have to offer (Girona was the host in 2012, and now it’s Lloret de Mar).


2 days in Girona

Girona has been particularly on my radar for a few years, as it has so much of what I love to explore when traveling: a beautiful Historic City with Walls, a Medieval Quarter and beautiful houses by the river, not to mention its Museums, like the Archeology Museum of Catalonia and the Art Museum.

Medieval Quarter in Girona - picture from
Medieval Quarter in Girona – picture from


Oh, there is food, too! I get hungry just to read about it and can’t wait to try Girona apples, Empordà wines and everything else in this amazing culinary scene. Also, there is El Lleó marketplace and it is always fun to visit a market.


2 days in Lloret de Mar

While I will be in Lloret de Mar for about 4 days, 2 of them I will be at TBEX, so the first 2 I want to explore this beautiful seaside town as much as possible. One of my goals is to find the perfect spot for my family vacation, a place where both my husband and daughter would enjoy.

There are a lot of must sees in Lloret de Mar, but Santa Clotilde Gardens is a place I’ve wanted to visit since I saw the first picture. I think a picture speaks for 1,000 words:

Santa Clotilde Gardens - picture from
Santa Clotilde Gardens – picture from


I also want to explore the beaches (although I think I will mostly look at them, since it will be a bit cold) and the Catalan cuisine, which from my experience from visiting Barcelona in 2013, was just fantastic.

The planning for this trip is still in early stages, as I still need to see where I’m staying to be able to draw a more detailed itinerary, but after a few months of playing with different scenarios and trying to pack too much in little time I am happy with this choice.

Do you think only 2 days for each place will be enough? I don’t think so!

Are you attending TBEX Costa Brava? Will you be exploring Girona and Lloret de Mar? Do you have your planning done yet?

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