Memories from Athens and Santorini

In November 2003 I went to Greece for the first time and even with a student budget, the trip was amazing! And I owe it to the people and the food. In one week Athens, Mykonos, Syros and Santorini were part of the itinerary, but events that happened in Athens and Santorini are the ones I have the most fond memories of.

On our way to the Acropolis in Athens, my husband and I were holding a map and stopped to discuss which way to go; I said we should go ahead, he said we had to turn in one of the streets on what seemed to be a longer route to it. We could see the Acropolis from where we were, still we could not agree on which way to go. The conversation happened in our native Portuguese and suddenly we see an older lady carrying lots of grocery bags. She comes towards us and asks in Italian if we spoke Italian, in French if we spoke French and then in English if we spoke English. When we said yes, she asks where we want to go and then says that both of us were right but following her directions we would get there faster and would see some other sights. We thanked her and offered to help her with her groceries, but with a big smile she said it was not necessary and that she was glad she could help us.

We eventually found the Acropolis and the Parthenon!
We eventually found the Acropolis and the Parthenon!

Right there, that was the moment that made me fall in love with Athens, Greece and the people there: a joy for the simple fact of helping total strangers, a happiness in living life. Add to it living History at every corner, things I had only seen in History books, was priceless.

In Santorini, the only thing I wanted to see was the sunset, but go to see so much more! At every turn a “wow” was in order and even though it was low season, there were a lot of people there and it is totally understandable why. This island is amazing!

Breathtaking views in Santorini
Breathtaking views in Santorini

But why am I talking about Greece? Apart from having great memories of this amazing country, the 2014 TBEX Europe will be in Athens! While I should be crying because I won’t be able to go, I am so happy for all my fellow travel bloggers that will have the amazing opportunity to visit this magical land and I can’t wait to read all about their adventures when they are back! I also hope they can do some island hopping and if so, make sure to go to Santorini – even if only for the sunset.

Sunset in Santorini - worth the ferry ride!
Sunset in Santorini – worth the ferry ride!

I wrote about some great reasons for newbies to attend TBEX, so add to them the fact they will be in Athens and the recipe for success is an amazing one!

To those who will be attending TBEX, start planning now and make the most of it in Athens! I am looking forward to read all about your adventures and hope you will come back home with beautiful memories like I did.

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