How to get from Pearson Airport (YYZ) to downtown Toronto

Many people don’t know this but Toronto’s main airport (Lester B. Pearson airport or YYZ) is actually in Mississauga (in greater Toronto, not Toronto proper) which is in the west end of the city. Its location means you have access to Toronto and Mississauga/Brampton transit systems, along with hefty taxi cab fares.

If you’re on a budget or simply don’t feel like leave around $50.00 plus tip behind (each way) for a taxi fare, find below two options for you, one for a cheaper alternative and the other one that is both even cheaper and gives you a “local” flavor:

* Toronto Airport Express: For $26.95 one-way/$40.00 return you can use this nice coach service that will bring you from the airport to downtown Toronto in 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on traffic). I personally never used it, but it is very popular among tourists as it has a few stops in Toronto’s downtown core. You can buy tickets online for a 5% discount, directly with the driver (exact change required) or at their booths at the airport terminals.

*  The bus “192 Airport Rocket” from Toronto Transit Commission: This is what I call “going to/from the airport on a budget and like a local”! For $3.00 each way you can hop on the “Rocket” to the Kipling Subway Station (the westernmost subway station in Toronto) and from there ride the subway to wherever you need to go. I noticed that they have added some luggage racks to the buses in this line, which is nice; this is the place where locals, tourists and flight attendants meet… and it saves you quite a bit of money. The journey from the airport to Kipling station is around 20 minutes (depending on traffic) and from there to downtown core on subway is around 20-25 minutes. Please note exact change needed when buying it from the driver (only choice when you’re boarding at the airport).

Toronto's Street Cars in Chinatown, which you can ride through connections for select subway stations with your $3.00 fare
Toronto’s Street Cars in Chinatown, which you can ride through connections for select subway stations with your $3.00 fare

As you can see, the benefits of not taking a taxi are endless… on your wallet and on the “feeling like a local” perspective.

I have a couple posts coming up about sightseeing in Toronto for a day and that will include some more budget transit options. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Toronto Airport Express has been discontinued as of October 31st, 2014. No word yet on a replacement, but we will keep you posted as we find out more. 

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