A relaxing day at the Toronto Islands

It was a beautiful sunny day a few summers ago and we decided to do something different; we decided to spend the day at Centre Island, one of the Toronto Islands.

The Toronto Islands are a group of small islands facing the Toronto skyline, right on Lake Ontario. They have a small residential community and are car-free (only a few service cars are allowed)! I can tell you that the best view of Toronto is either from the ferry (that takes 15 minutes to shuttle you from downtown Toronto) or from one of the islands.

The best view of Toronto from the ferry
The best view of Toronto from the ferry

Centre Island is the one that you would want to go to: lots of grass…

Pretty clear, eh?
Pretty clear, eh?

… there is even an amusement park…


… not to mention a beach, playgrounds, splash area for kids, bikes for rental and a refuge from the crazy city life, just 15 minutes away.

If you’re in Toronto, the day is beautiful and all you want to do is relax, this is the place to go!

Links for more info:

* Ferry schedule and fares: http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island/ferry-schedule.htm

* More info about the islands: http://www.toronto.ca/parks/island/

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