3 Gaudi masterpieces not to miss in Barcelona

Last year I visited Barcelona for the first time and I fell in love with this amazing city.

It is a bit funny that I stated several times during the planning process “I don’t want to go to Barcelona”; I’m not sure why I didn’t want to visit Barcelona: maybe it was because I felt it was overrated or because I didn’t feel like Gaudi’s work spoke to me. Then I saw Casa Batlló and then Casa Mila (La Pedrera) and then the Sagrada Familia, and suddenly, Little-Mrs.-Chatterbox here was speechless. In awe. In love. So much so, that I actually cried while we were waiting for the flight back home.

Casa Batlló was the first of Gaudi’s work I’ve witnessed. Really, his work is to be witnessed because it is impressive. It also helps that we had an early evening visit and the atmosphere of the place was amazing. My daughter was really intrigued with the shapes of everything around the house and I lost count of how many times she said “this place is so cool, mommy!”.

Here are some pictures, but I tell you they don’t do justice to what it is to witness this masterpiece!

casa batllo DSC03765 DSC03772 DSC03809 DSC03822 IMG_3015


That same night we headed to Casa Mila (or La Pedrera). We had bought the package that had the tour of the house and a Catalan dinner afterwards and once again we were amazed by Gaudi’s work.

DSC03827 DSC03835 DSC03861 DSC03863 DSC03865 DSC03869

The dinner was very good, it just felt weird to have dinner at 10pm! 🙂 But it was good to see that the people dining that night were mostly locals, as I could hear them speaking Catalan (which is a beautiful, beautiful language).

DSC03875 DSC03876


The next day we visited Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. I could never “feel it” through pictures and was not sure I would “surrender”. And surrender I did! No words, no pictures will be able to truly explain how amazing that place is. Although it is still a work in progress, it didn’t feel like it to me, and even though it was full of people, there is just something about that place that will make you feel like you are there all by yourself, it is peaceful. I loved it.

DSC03636 DSC03643 DSC03644 DSC03659 DSC03678 DSC03682 DSC03699 IMG_2925 IMG_2928 IMG_2930 IMG_2933 IMG_2938 IMG_2986

I can say that the beauty of the Sagrada Familia is in the details. You can spend a whole day just in awe of the details, be it from the carvings on walls and doors or the prayers in Catalan.


I am just happy I will be attending 2015 TBEX in Costa Brava because I will have to pay a visit to at least one of these masterpieces again! Gaudi made me fall in love with Barcelona. Or Barcelona made me fall in love with Gaudi’s work. Either way, I am just glad that I will get to experience a bit of this amazing culture, the Catalan culture, again next year.


Have you been to Barcelona? What is your favorite Gaudi masterpiece?

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